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His name is Pablo Javier Brencich, but artistically his name is Brencich, he was born in Argentina in 1994 in the province of Salta Capital, at the age of 16 he was influenced in the world of DJing by his father Andres Brencich, now retired from the world of music. He is now an electronic engineer.
Over the years, at the age of 19, Brencich felt much more attracted to edit and create his own music as well as his own remixes, in order to surprise the public with classics or new projects.
his teacher Luis Bordón, known today as the producer of retro music `` DONBOR ''
. after finishing their masterclass
brencich continued working on his own projects throughout these years until today (in the shadows) with 25 years of age, currently even more fond of passionate music Tech House, House, Deep house, where he continues to play again as dj in different clandestine parties of his land with his new remixes, mashups and his new EPS ... as well as currently he participated in well-known clubs in his region as a guest DJ at Bamboo, Baristene, Leisure Club, Caita Bar, he also debuted as a DJ International in the province of Jujuy in places known as Caronte bar, Daniels Club.
He shared the track as a warmap to Federico Noris (ARG), DJ Frangeon (jumps), Juan Accostas (jujuy),
DJ Drigo ( Lalo Wyldler (

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