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JIN-TARO, a mysterious alter ego which sounds somehow Japanese as I like movies with Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. “There is no real meaning for my pen name, but on the internet I found something I can relate to”.
J(ustice) I(nventive) N(irvana) T(ransformative) A(mazing) R(emarkable) O(utstanding)

JIN-TARO: “Originally I wanted to be an anonymous artist like for instance Daft Punk or Deadmau5, but nowadays people want to see the faces behind producers of dance-tracks. So I don’t wear a mask.”
I am the son of a music-producer in the eighties, known for ‘No Police’, a cult HI NRG-track that hit the charts way back in 1986.
“I even got more interested in making music when I bought my first home computers. Ever since I’ve frequently upgraded my studio gear.”
With this gear I started making new beat and acid house at the end of the eighties and techno and trance in the nineties. New business opportunities in my working life resulted in a musical big sleep.
A few years ago I upgraded my soft- and hardware and made tracks for home and care pleasure. In 2020 I started making E(lectronic) D(ance) M(usic), especially big room (house) and hardstyle.


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