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PANDA is a British producer from the United Kingdom. Panda produces multi-diverse tracks and is always working hard and an LGBTQ Supporter

My Back Story:
In 2012, I had just finished high school and I was about to make the transfer to college where I studied Information Communication Technology (ICT) at a level 2 for a year. However, in 2013 after I finished my year at college I decided to take a year out in which I started to create music under the name Techno Treason.

Once I had created the name and designed the logo. I start to explore the genres that I wanted to create and started to read everything that I need to know about music and Electronic Dance Music.

After designing a name for myself I decided to go back to college but the year at this point was 2015. I had been working and I got accepted onto a course called Creative Digital Media Production at a level 2.

I passed my course and now I am working and creating music for Unsigned artists as well as designing cinematics for all types of media platforms from Video Games to Films. However, 9 Years on and with completely new branding and name change PANDA OFFICIAL was born and I am now creating big and better music.

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