Everybody bounce!

Hello everyone. Check out my latest banger "Everybody Bounce!" Obviously there's a banging kick. My favorite is the lead
that just gets you in the mood. The percussion creates a nice motion. This track is also heavily influenced by old school
house tracks. The only other thing I can say is play it loud!
Thanx 4 listening.
Quentin SounDrive.

Track By QuentinSounDrive

QuentinSounDrive: Hi, my name is Quentin SounDrive. I am an EDM producer. I've always been passionate about music and the creative process behind creating music. 7 of my previous tracks have been released through 3 independent labels in the past but I expect to release a lot more. Please keep your ears tuned because I'm always creating new sound (since I've never been afraid of thinking outside the box) Thank you.

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