hiii theree everyone!

i am back here once again, with another lovely treasure of mine to be preserved here.

i created this piece of music around 5 years ago, and it was only recently that i chose to improve upon it and make it into something that i could put out here in this sanctuary of mine.

experia describes a feeling that the quote below fails to express in words...

"when you experience anything worth experiencing for the first time, you capture a glimpse of "that something" that fades away with it."

to me, experia charges me up with an ecstatic hope, and tells me "at the end of the day, it's all going to be fine."

i have never made anything quite like this before, so this is probably the last of its kind because i don't think i can ever make something similar to this again xD

i hope you have a good time experiencing this experia!!!

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