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Do you want to know the difference between those Dj’s that feel ‘it’ and those who wouldn’t know what ‘it’ was even if it came around their house and ran off with their girlfriends ?

It’s to do with baselines. Listen to the myriad of crap house records and it’s like sitting on a particulary bad fairground ride.

These baselines shouldn’t just sit on the beat, but ride and slide off it. Its what gives movement and funk to music ….. and better still its what makes girls wiggle their hips. And lets not forget the carnal desires that go on during any typical night spent on a dance floor – the music is just an excuse !!!

The house bug bit Sash K at the age of 18 and at the time when the dance scene was all but non-exsistent in Delhi. After a period of sneaking into all the parties and venues were he could listen to ‘dance’ music a very underage Sash K soon find himself collecting the very cd’s he had been dancing to that weekend.

Although of this time it should be noted he had no cd players with which to play the music on. I’m not making a point to embarrass Sash K, but rather illustrate that this enthusiasm and passion towards the scene was testament to his young character then and even more so now!

Having bought his helloed cd players, Sash K then turned his attention to honing his craft.

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