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Avatar ReyMod

House Music Producer, Graphic Designer and Web Developer, ReyMod is influenced by his beginnings in...

the old school of Techno House, he has a very personal and unique style, coming from the Tracker era of the memorable Amiga computers with their old MOD Formats from where inherits his name. It all started in the 90's as a hobby using the 1991 Shareware "Mod Edit" and a participant in the Old "club de trakers" from "Futurme Music Spain", he started by sending his demos that were published on the CD that accompanied the magazine. evolving his music without losing style. He currently works not only in the production of Musica House, but also in helping other producers to publicize their work through his website

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Avatar MototsuguEndo

Name : LED-M or Led-M,  Mototsugu Endo / 遠藤基嗣 Profile:In the early 90's, as a student, he becam...

became interested in "frequency/sound" in his electronic experiments. This was the starting point for his electronic music. First he bought a cassette player to listen to music for the first time, and then he bought an analog master keyboard and a used Roland JV-880 synthesizer. He then completely customized those instruments and immersed himself in the creation of music. After a few months of sending a few songs recorded on cassette demo tapes to FORM@ RECORDS, the result was that he embarked on his own path of music. *199x-2000, 2017-present. 名義:LED-M or Led-M,  Mototsugu Endo / 遠藤基嗣 プロフィール:90年代初頭、学生である彼は電子実験の中で「周波数・音」に興味を持ち始めました。 それが彼のエレクトロニックミュージックの出発点です。 まず音楽を知らない彼は初めて音楽を聴くためにカセットプレーヤーを購入し、アナログマスターキーボードとRoland JV-880というシンセサイザーを中古購入した。そしてそれらの楽器を完全にカスタマイズして音楽の制作に没頭しました。 その後カセットのデモテープに録音された数曲の楽曲をFORM@ RECORDSに送った数ヶ月後の結果、彼は音楽という道に踏み入ったのです。

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Avatar DjMauryTripp1

Dj Producer Maury Tripp was born in Barranquilla Colombia 1985. He began his musical history at the...

age of 15 where he began to pursue his vocation for music, began his percussion studies and in his transcendence began to make house music influenced by a pioneering generation of electronic music. Since the year 2000 he was greatly influenced by artists such as: Chemical Brothers, Italo Boys, Danny Tengalia among others. Of which he takes what is necessary to begin to enter his House style that characterized him. In 2009 he began to debut at raves and parties and clubs in various cities of the country where he has also shared the stage with international artists such as: Mariano Santos (Argentina), Julián Sanza (Argentina), Fabián Argomedo (Chile), Mendo ( Swiss) , Tim Baresko (France) , He is currently based in Barranquilla where with the new trend of the electronic scene such as Depp Tech, Tech house, which makes each of his presentations very particular, in the same way for 5 years his career as a producer of Tech House, Deep House, has achieved a place in several labels such as: Cubek records (Col), Survivor records (Esp), R3life

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Avatar DPeterJ

Pedro Vilas Boas aka D.Peter.J, is a Portuguese trance/house producer and DJ, with more than 30 year...

s on production, remixes and live-acts. One of the pioneers of electronic dance music in Portugal in the early 90's. As part of the Portuguese trance band called "The Ozone", he released several of their own themes and remixes of other artists. In the last years he released several trancey house themes of his own and as part of house project "Old Skool Split". He also taught on many dance music MIDI and audio training courses. The idea of him becoming part of a trance label had many years, in 2006 the dream came true with Time2Trance!!! He was one of founders of the Portuguese club/disco tour called Jump4Trance (J4T), specialised in spreading uplifting trance around here in Portugal. His DJing appearances restarted in September 2007. In 2018 he entered a new project "Music With A Feeling", focused on choosing the appropriate musical scale, at the start of his new productions, to induce the right feeling in the audience ... meanwhile his new uplifting trance tracks were released in 2020, 2021 and more are yet to come, including a new house music project (Loud2High) and a new trance project (MWAF).

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Avatar Slim

Who is BeatMaster Slim? Josh Dykzeul is a highly driven 24-year-old electronic music artist. He was...

born in the small town of Danville, California where he began his journey into the realm of music and sound. It all began with his older brother introducing him to electronic music artists such as ZEDD, Skrillex, and Deadmau5. ZEDD's track, “Clarity,” was one of Josh's first notable inspirations that later led to the creation of the alias BeatMaster Slim. Josh began producing music in 2014 and released his debut EP, Gorgeous, on July 20th, 2018. After releasing Gorgeous, Josh has released several other tracks. Each track is unique and is its own work of art. Josh, similar to David Bowie, doesn’t stick to one specific style of music. Instead of conforming to mainstream trends, his tracks are emotionally driven at the time of creation. Upon graduating High School, Josh moved to Bend, Oregon where he attended Central Oregon Community College and earned his AAOT. Josh recently graduated from University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Technology, and resides in Bend, Oregon. The name BeatMaster Slim originated from a physician misdiagnosing Josh with an irregular heartbeat in his Sophomore year of High School. An echocardiogram revealed that he was so skinny, due to excessive Track and Cross Country training, that his heart sounded noisier than normal.

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Avatar Ijgatudj

IVAN TURIZO ( ijgatu dj ) I am a young dreamer. Today I want to present you a dream come true, my fi...

rst electronic music song. I hope you like it and you can support me. this track is the first of many to come. I invite you to follow me on all my networks and digital platforms as @ijgatudj

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Avatar Vantitan

Vantitan - is a one man project. He has been writing electronic music in various styles since Februa...

ry 2021. He constantly learns something new in music, and puts it into practice.

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Avatar marcusgrote

i love music ! #EDMfamily #Dance #EuroDance #DeepHouse #Trance #Techno LOVING IBIZA - MALIBU - MALL...

ORCA !!! stream my music on spotify: more: legal notice / impressum:

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Avatar Duri

I work across all genres, be it remixing or original tracks. I want to make music full time and in s...

haring my music leave a mark on the world and one day make it big time to events like Ultra and Tomorrow Land. Eat Sleep Produce Repeat!

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Avatar dpael

Diego Alejandro Pulido Luna born on April 19, 2001 in Colombia, His taste for music began when he wa...

s 4 years old while his older brother I was listening to the song (L'Amour Toujours) by the music producer (Gigi D'Agostino). At the age of 7, he entered a classical music academy where he learned to play. Different instruments including one of his favorites the Violin. When I was 12 years old age her mother gives her a computer so she can do her homework but her curiosity about Musica led him to investigate how they were produced. That's when you find out how. At the age of 15, he entered the DNA MUSIC production academy in Colombia where he finished To strengthen your knowledge in production. At the age of 17 he began working on his first album and at 19. He decides to embark on his adventure in music and wants to make himself known under the name (D´PÆL)

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