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growing up with an eclectic combination of House music, European electronica and finally Techno.

Giorgio found himself with a mixed spectrum of musical influences called MelodicTechno.

Today, this translates into sets where he selects and infuses together all the pieces of this music he loves most: beautiful synthesizer work, ethereal backdrops, somber bass lines and occasional vocal hooks... all over a pronounced, foot-stomping house beat.

A very active member of the Italian Music scene, Giorgio has played and promoter in Rome,in the city's best clubs :

Piper Club, Art Cafe,Jolie Club , Akab, Toy Room Rome, KuroClub, Gilda.

In the summers seasons around his Calabria:

Vanilla , Tropix , 747, Cool Bay Resort, Chiringuito , L'oasi, Rebus Club,White Club ,Noa Club,Gange.

In 2022, he was hired by Ibiza Stardust Radio as Resident DJ with his Radio Show SubMission 2.0.

As a producer and promoter, he has found many ways to express himself musically.
He opened, a site created for the purpose of helping himself and others become better DJs through their passion for music.

On the production scene his 2023 got off to a great start, releasing
10 singles releases,1 Album :”Paradise Reflection’s”,for the next months he already has new signed with three major labels 10 to Top Phonic Records ,1 to Seal Network and 2 with a G-Mafia Records and other out from sign soon.

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