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-My dream was already to once be a DJ when I was 6-7 and so I was playing the music on "parties" for my friends
-All over primary school I was playing the music on the school radio and I was the "DJ" on all school parties from my 3d year till 8 when I went to high school but it was with cassettes so not really a DJing as it is now.
-High school: school radio, after 1,5 years DJ on some parties. At this time it was with CDJ100s so that's when I started to actually DJing.
-I started to alone organise and promote my own party series in pubs and bars around my village when I was 15 until 20 (2002-2007). They became very successful, sometimes not just full but as many people outside on the street and garden as in the venue as they couldn't fit in
-2006: In Hungary you need to take a test and get a certificate to legally play in clubs so I got this and I started to play frequently in 2 clubs.
-2007: I won a DJ talent competition in Szeged, I got to play as a DJ on SZIN (one of the biggest music festivals in Hungary)
-November: I got a gig in my dream-club Club 1001
-2008: resident DJ in Club 1001 . By the end of the year resident in an another club, Zsak Club Mako so I was playing every weekend sometimes Friday-Saturday
-2009: Started to play for Szeged's biggest radio Radio88, Club88
-2010-2013: I got to play on a lot of gigs with Club 88 and my friend DJ Bigiboy all around Hungary, we usually played on 2-3 gigs a week

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