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My real name is Tomáš Fabian, I'm a 40-year-old man living in the Czech Republic. My musical history goes back deep into the past, specifically to 1999, when I first encountered electronic music as a young teenager. At that time, dance parties were very popular in our country. There was a house party almost every weekend and house was very popular at that time. As a young lad I was completely captivated by this genre and have remained with it to this day.
Like everyone, I also wanted to become a DJ. I met turntables for the first time at my friend's, who was already actively playing as a DJ. This was followed by a 4-year period of small local evenings, when we organized parties for our acquaintances as well as the wider public. Our successes were not great, but we loved music above all.That's why, as an experienced PC user, I started looking into music creation and its production. I was first approached by Fruity Loops Software, which I stayed with for many years.There were years when I didn't even touch music. It was only a few years ago, when I was no longer actively playing as a DJ, that I started to be serious about music creation. Fruity Loops was still popular with me, so I started producing music a little more. I could see the progress and it seemed to me that every next track was a little better.I probably consider my friend's suggestion to get rid of Fruity and try to do something better as a turning point. At that time we had the German Bitwig software.

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