Club explosion

Hello everyone. Check out my latest track "Club Explosion". I tried my best to fill up this track with as much samples as humanly possible. Although this track is not heavy on the bass, it is loaded with energy - lots of things happening at the same time. Also check out the cut up vocals and the hoover synth in the intro and outro. The track also changes pace in the center.
Thanx 4 listening.
Quentin SounDrive.

Track By QuentinSounDrive

QuentinSounDrive: Hi, my name is Quentin SounDrive. I am an EDM producer. I've always been passionate about music and the creative process behind creating music. 7 of my previous tracks have been released through 3 independent labels in the past but I expect to release a lot more. Please keep your ears tuned because I'm always creating new sound (since I've never been afraid of thinking outside the box) Thank you.

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