Cfx fm #005

««« Tryngl Mix episode no. 005 »»»

1. DJ Stuiter - ID [Future Bounce] @djstuiterofficial
2. CHOKKTAW & ID - ID [Future Bounce] @chokktaw
3. Benjamin Roy - Data [Progressive House] @benjamin-roy-16
4. Stripes - Boom [Future Bounce] @musicbystripes
5. Arcando & Maazel feat. Salvo - To Be Loved [Future Bass] @arcando-official @maazelbeats
6. Hypnotune - Forever [Progressive House] @musicbykuli
7. xstr/kedot - Running - Out December 10 [Bass House] @???
8. Zack Martino - Kill My Heart (DIV/IDED Remix) [Future House] @zackmartino @itsdividedmusic
9. yvw - take my hand [Future Pop] @yvwmusic
10. WBN - In my Arms (Enman Remix) [Future House] @filip-wiberg-597660214 @enman34
11. BBX & TunaX - Now I Don't Care [Progressive House] @musicbybbx
12. Out of Flux - Ryefield (DJ Stuiter Flip) [Colour House] @outofflux @djstuiterofficial
13. Brooks & Mo Falk - Take My Breath Away (Jay Phoenix Remix [Trap/Bass] @musicbybrooks @mofalk @jayphoenix93
14. WE GO JIM??? [Aneraxx & Vitae - One Night (BBX Flip)] @aneraxx-music @vitae10 @musicbybbx
15. Hawkins 77 & Amero - What I Need [Future House] @hawkins77music @itsamero
16. paulø - Breaking Point [Future Bounce] @paulquotes
17. Aneraxx & Warp Code - Way More Time [Future Bounce] @aneraxx-music @im-blu-458444036
18. Soundwaiv - ID [Progressive House] @soundwaivmusic
19. TheLonelyBoy - Eternity [Future Bounce]
20. Enotek (NHXT) - Still Think [Melodic Dubstep] @blackidask
21. Oliver Tree - Jerk (xstr/kedot Remix) [Future Light] @olivertree @strikedot
22. Arwer - What We Have [Future House] @arwersound
23. Fraxy - Rage [Future House/Bass House] @fraxymusic
24. King Drac - Goodbye (Jonh Remix) [Future House] @king-drac-878609598 @jonhhh

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Mixed by @strikedot

Track By crossafuturx

crossafuturx: Across futures, rewind permitted. Gems are underrated music.

Crossafuturx is a music producer owning a music label and a non-profit collection of tracks made by underrated upcoming artists and producers from the Future House and some other EDM genres.

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