Mod megamix 1994 - 1999

Introducing "ReyMod Mod Megamix" – a nostalgic journey through the electronic soundscape of the late '90s. This extraordinary megamix is a compilation of tracks meticulously crafted by ReyMod using the pioneering software ModEdit between the years 1994 and 1999.

ModEdit, a trailblazing MOD file editor for DOS developed by Norman Lin, made its mark in the early '90s as one of the first MOD software available for PCs. Its significance lies not only in its historical relevance but also in its unique features, setting the stage for the evolution of digital music production.

One standout characteristic of ModEdit was its ability to play MODs through the PC speaker without the need for additional sound hardware, a groundbreaking achievement achieved through the code crafted by Mark J. Cox. This innovative feature opened up new possibilities for music enthusiasts and artists alike, enabling them to create and enjoy electronic music without the constraints of external equipment.

The most celebrated version, v2.00, released in 1991, provided a user interface divided into three key sections: the Pattern Editor, Pattern Sequence Table, and Sample List. Navigation through these sections was primarily keyboard-driven, offering a hands-on and immersive experience for music creators.

The Pattern Editor, the heart of ModEdit, displayed intricate details of the current pattern in the sequence table. With four columns corresponding to the four channels of the MOD file, each column was further divided into three sub-columns for pitch (note name and octave number), sample number (linked to the sample list), and special effects codes. This design allowed for direct and precise editing of values, reminiscent of a hex editor but tailored for music composition.

"ReyMod Mod Megamix" pays homage to the golden era of electronic music production, encapsulating the essence of creativity unleashed through ModEdit during its heyday. Each track is a testament to ReyMod's artistic prowess and the revolutionary capabilities of ModEdit, transporting listeners back to a time when the digital frontier was still being explored, one note at a time.

Track By ReyMod

ReyMod: House Music Producer, Graphic Designer and Web Developer, ReyMod is influenced by his beginnings in the old school of Techno House, he has a very personal and unique style, coming from the Tracker era of the memorable Amiga computers with their old MOD Formats from where inherits his name.

It all started in the 90's as a hobby using the 1991 Shareware "Mod Edit" and a participant in the Old "club de trakers" from "Futurme Music Spain", he started by sending his demos that were published on the CD that accompanied the magazine. evolving his music without losing style.

He currently works not only in the production of Musica House, but also in helping other producers to publicize their work through his website

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