Pulse of the night (2024)

Pulse of the Night (2024) by ReyMod

Track By ReyMod

ReyMod: House Music Producer, Graphic Designer and Web Developer, ReyMod is influenced by his beginnings in the old school of Techno House, he has a very personal and unique style, coming from the Tracker era of the memorable Amiga computers with their old MOD Formats from where inherits his name.

It all started in the 90's as a hobby using the 1991 Shareware "Mod Edit" and a participant in the Old "club de trakers" from "Futurme Music Spain", he started by sending his demos that were published on the CD that accompanied the magazine. evolving his music without losing style.

He currently works not only in the production of Musica House, but also in helping other producers to publicize their work through his website reymod.com

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