D.peter.j - healing adagio b432...

This a 28-minute chillout meditation track, comprising 14 melodic parts from my MWAF project. This track is written in B minor scale (to feel peaceful and calm), at Adagio Tempo (33bpm, no drums), with A(Lá) note tuned at 432Hz (for a more human sound) and with a 7.83Hz chorus sub-frequency (Schumann's Earth-Ionosphere resonance frequency) to boost positive and healing energy. Enjoy.

Part list is here:
00:00 "Endless chills" part one
02:07 "Endless chills" part two
04:07 "A sharp" part one
06:07 "A sharp" part two
08:07 "Fassadness" part one
10:07 "Fassadness" part two
12:07 "Note so innocent" part one
14:07 "Note so innocent" part two
16:07 "SunScale" part one
18:07 "SunScale" part two
20:07 "Be the key" part one
22:07 "Be the key" part one
24:07 "Chash 432Hz" part one
26:07 "Chash 432Hz" part one

My project "Music With A Feeling" - MWAF is focused on choosing the appropriate musical scale, at the start of my new productions, to induce the right feeling in the audience…regardless of the place where the music is playing.

(C) copyright - D.Peter.J (Pedro Vilas Boas) 2022
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Video By DPeterJ

DPeterJ: Pedro Vilas Boas aka D.Peter.J, is a Portuguese trance/house producer and DJ, with more than 25 years on production, remixes and live-acts.
One of the pioneers of electronic dance music in Portugal in the early 90's.
As part of the Portuguese trance band called "The Ozone", he released several of their own themes and remixes of other artists. In the last years he released several trancey house themes of his own and as part of house project "Old Skool Split".
He also taught on many dance music MIDI and audio training courses. The idea of him becoming part of a trance label had many years, in 2006 the dream came true with Time2Trance!!!
He was one of founders of the Portuguese club/disco tour called Jump4Trance (J4T), specialised in spreading uplifting trance around here in Portugal. His DJing appearances restarted in September 2007. In 2018 he entered a new project "Music With A Feeling", focused on choosing the appropriate musical scale, at the start of his new productions, to induce the right feeling in the audience ... meanwhile his new uplifting trance tracks were released in 2020, 2021 and more are yet to come, including a new house music project.

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